About Us

Our Learning Products and Solutions team is based in Ottawa, Ontario. We are a group of instructional designers, adult educators, technical writers, and project managers with experience developing quality training materials and providing technical communication services for clients across many sectors.

We create eLearning and classroom training, write and edit technical reports, and design professional technical communications. You can learn about our instructional design and technical writing services on our consulting website .

Our eLearning courses

Our on-demand eLearning courses have been designed by our instructional designers, who work with subject-matter experts to make sure the course content is accurate, effective, and well designed.

The eLearning courses are hosted on our full-service learning management system, so you don't have to download anything. All you need is a web browser with Flash Player along with your username and password or an access code. You can access your certificate of completion as soon as you complete a course.

What is a learning management system?

Our learning management system (LMS) is a website designed to deliver online training as well as manage, track and report on learners' progress.

As a learner, this is where you will access your eLearning courses, review your progress and retrieve your certificate of completion. As a manager, this is where you can track your employees' progress and generate reports showing course completion results.

If you need to train a large team, we can set up a satellite campus. This is a branch of our LMS that will be used by just you and your team to access your online training courses; we will add your company logo to customize it. To learn more about setting up a satellite campus, contact us.

Our classroom courses

Our classroom courses give your team specialized, in-depth instruction. Courses range from one-hour presentations to multi-day sessions, depending on the training requirements. Our courses are taught by experienced facilitators who have worked with our instructional designers to develop the training material. Courses can be delivered at your work site, at a Stantec office or another venue.

Contact us to arrange for a training session for your team.

Sign up for a regularly scheduled training session through our course store .