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Hard copy materials are not provided for our eLearning courses. However, some of our courses have PDF resources that you can download and print.
Yes, you can view and print your certificate from the Certifications tab at the top of the course home page (log in to stantec.informetica.com ).
Log in to stantec.informetica.com to access the courses you are currently registered in.
  1. Go to stantec.informetica.com to have your password emailed to you
  2. Click on Forgot Your Password?
  3. Enter your username (usually your email address)
  4. Click Send
You should receive your login information in your email inbox within a few minutes.
You can buy eLearning and classroom courses through our course store .
Yes we do. Contact us for more information.

Make sure you have an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player installed for your browser. You can install the latest version at get.adobe.com/flashplayer .

If you are still having trouble, try viewing the course in a different browser such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , or the most recent version of Internet Explorer .

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Yes, but you will be logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you have other work to do, we recommend you exit the course and return when you have more time. You can resume the course from where you left off.
No. The next time you log in to the course you will be brought to the last page of the course you were on.
This will depend on the course. Most courses will allow you to retake the final test as many times as required to get a passing grade. If a course is set up differently, you will be told before taking the test. Be sure to read the instructions carefully!
Every course is different. Look at the course's profile page in the course store to find its length.
Throughout the course, you may need to watch video clips and participate in interactive activities that require Flash Player. You can download the latest version at get.adobe.com/flashplayer .