ecoDriving Online



Length: 25 minutes

NEW: This course has been recently updated

This online course will show you how to safely drive in a way that saves on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. Extensive research shows that these techniques can help drivers save up to 25% in fuel costs. That can add up to a $2,500 savings over five years.

ecoDriving Online is free for the next 1600 people who register for the course! Here's how to register:

  1. 1. Go here and enter the access code ECODRIVE
  2. 2. Create your account and enjoy the course!


  • Designed for new and experienced drivers
  • Well-suited for organizations, fleets, and individuals who want to reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • Certificate available immediately after completing the course
  • Can be customized to meet your organization's needs. Contact us to learn more.

ecoDriving Online was developed with the financial support of Natural Resources Canada.

Natural Resources Canada

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